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July 2012



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Unfortunate babysitter

Title: Unfortunate babysitter
Author: dawnangel14
Fandom: True Blood
Characters: Pam, Coby, Lisa, Mikey, Ginger, mentions of Eric and Sookie
Pairings: None.
Words: 488
Rating: T
Summary: By Eric's command, Pam has to look after Arlene's children.
Warnings: Strong language (but come on, this is TB we're talking about, what did you expect?)
Note: Made for classics_lover prompt "Author's choice, author's choice, a child appears in a child-unfriendly atmosphere, and gloms to the least kid!friendly character there. And there are shenanigans" at comment_fic.

The minute Sookie Stackhouse walked into Fangtasia that night, Pam knew there was going to be trouble. However, this a complete new level of trouble. This was a catastrophy.

Bon Temps was in danger. Again. They had saved the town so many fuckin' times, Pam thought they should just let it be for once and for all. But no, of course, Sookie and her precious fairy vagina comes in and Eric goes running after her like an alcoholic to a free bar. 

And who was left behind? Pam. Again. Yet this time was different. This time, she was left behind with something worse. The only other people besides that blonde waitress who were able to make it out of Bon Temps.

Three children.

"Don't touch that, that's mine" snapped Pam, taking her necklace from Lisa's hands. "Or that" she took a stake from Coby. "Actually, don't touch anything. Don't move. Don't even breath, if you want."

The two brothers stayed still as the vampire glared down at them. They were in Eric's office, where she was supposed to look after them. God, she was glad vampires couldn't have children. This was a nightmare.

She heard a giggle. She turned to find the baby smiling at her from the floor, where he sat on a blanket in company of his old, horrible doll.

"What are you looking at?" said Pam. 

"When is Aunt Sookie coming back?" asked Coby. 

"When you learn to stop asking it, that's when" she replied harshly. She looked at Mikey's doll. "What's with that creepy thing?"

"Jessica gave it to him. He likes it" commented Lisa. 

"Of course he likes it, he's a baby. He doesn't understand that it looks like it was taken from a horror movie" she sighed. "Either way, we have several hours before you can leave, so in the meantime, you'll sit there and be quiet."

Pam turned around and walked back to Eric's desk. She sat on the chair and a noise followed. A farting noise. 

Coby and Lisa somehow managed not to laugh, but Mikey released a baby chuckle that made Pam glare daggers at him in such a way that he immediately silenced, as if she had glamoured him.

The door was suddenly opened and a read-haired, skinny woman walked in. 

"Pam, your dinner's ready in the other room" announced Ginger. "I'll take care of the kids until you're done."

"You kids are lucky my maker specifically ordered me not to kill you" she commented "or else you would be waiting to be eaten in that room."

And with one last glare, Pam left the office. Ginger walked towards the kids with a small smile.

"Now, what do you want to do until you can go home?"

The two Fowler brothers shared a look before they settled their minds, as if communicating telepathically. 

"Can that lady vampire come back?" asked Lisa.

"She was kinda cool" her brother added.


*lol* Poor Pam! This was so cute and funny!
I'm so happy you think so, I was really nervous while writing this! First try in the True Blood fandom (just finished season 4) and Pams totally my favorite. Everything she says is just plain awesome, and ever since Sam took Coby and Lisa to Fangtasia in S2 I kept picturing this XD

Thanks for reading and commenting, it really means a lot :)

Btw, I started watching Kyou Kara Maou, it's so funny!! I fell in love with Wolfram and Yuuri/Wolfram, and I'm only in episode 8! XD
Yeah, first try in a fandom is always a bit scary! You did well, so go on. :) I haven't written a lot of True Blood fics myself but I like it, I've watched up to season 3 and read a handful of the books.

Oh, you're watching Kyou Kara Maou, that's great! I'm so glad you like it. (It's funny and cute and actually deeper than what it seems at first. There will be angst later...) So far, everybody I've told about it (well, all three of them...) have been unimpressed. I like Wolfram in some ways, like how his character develops later, and I feel for him sometimes. But I do not ship Yuuri/Wolfram, because... well, it just doesn't work for me, with the way they behave around each other. Maybe you'll see why later, but if not... well, then you're definitely not alone! Yuuri/Wolfram is almost all there is on ff.net... Yuuri brings out the best in all people, also in Wolfram. My favorite thing is how the relationships between the brothers deepen and change.
Ohh you read the books? Are they good? I've been thinking about getting it but I heard Jessica isn't in them, which discouraged me a bit, but I'm still wondering if I should...

Yeah I imagined there will be angst because everyone keeps talking about what Cecilie did on her time as ruler and it seems it ended up badly... but I don't wanna spoil myself so I'll keep watching! I think I like Yuuri/Wolfram because it's the one that got many moments by now, with the proposal and all (well, besides Conrad/Yuuri too). I also like Gwendal/Anissina and Gwendal/Gunter for some reason.

I tend to ship a lot of pairings anyway. XD In True blood, for example, I ship Jason, Jessica, Sookie, Eric and Hoyt with everyone. No, seriously. Everyone. Like, Rene/Hoyt or Jason/Ginger, you know, I like crack XP
Yes, I read a handful of the books. (I never finished #6, don't know why, I might pick it up again.) One annoying thing about the books, if you read one shortly after another, is that a lot of info and background facts are repeated over and over. (I realize why; so new readers can start anywhere, but still...) The books are okay, but in some ways different from the show. I read them after watching so I noticed all the differences. (Maybe that's why I enjoyed #4 and #5 the most so far; because I've only watched up to S3...) The books are all Sookie's point of view; I like that in the show, we see more of the other characters like Jason, Tara, Sam, Hoyt, and, yes, Jessica... Some plot points are handled very differently in the show. And in the books, I don't like Bill at all! There, I'm all for Sookie/Eric! But you're right, True Blood is one of the shows where a lot of pairings are possible - I like that! :)

Actually, the same is true of KKM - there are lots of possible pairings there, even if most writers ignore that these days. And I understand why people like Yuuri/Wolf. You're right about their many "moments" and there will be more (this is not a spoiler; it's just the way it is from the beginning!). But other characters get more and more interesting as the story moves forward. Cecilie's time as a ruler was actually not what I was thinking of (but it is important too!) but that just proves that lots and lots of stuff is going to happen. :) I hope you're going to keep liking it. :)

*lol* I would love to read Jason/Ginger! I know people write Pam/Ginger; that bores me for some reason but yay for Jason/Ginger crack fic! :D
Aww... what a lovely picture you drawed, dear.
And yes, it too, reminds me of the s02 eppy, where Sam brough the kids to Fangtasia...

Alright then, kiddies... give Auntie Pam a big smoochie and paint her a picture with flowers & bees, like all good children do.
*winks & waves*
Aw thanks, glad you liked it. :)

It was one of the best moments. Eric being all good to the kids and Pam all like "I'm so glad I didn't get one of you" XDD I love her.

Oh yes, and don't forget that the more stuff you break, the better! *laughs* Thanks for reading and commenting!
Very cute.
Thank you! :D