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July 2012



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2 HOTD drabbles

Title: Scream
Author: dawnangel14
Fandom: Highschool Of The Dead
Characters: Alice, Saya, Kohta
Pairings: Hints of Kohta/Saya
Words: 225
Rating: K+
Summary: "Raise your head and scream out loud, because you're alive..."
Warnings: Set post-series (supposing the hiatus ever ends, of course). 
Note: Written forfanfic_bakeoff prompt "Rise".

Alice observed the city below them. Standing on the rooftop, she felt secure for the first time, a feeling she hadn't felt since her dad's hand let go of her and fell, lifeless, in what seems like a awfully long time ago. Now, she was surrounded by her friends, by her new family, and now...

"Now what?" asked the young girl, observing the bloody streets below them. "What do I do now?"

Kohta and Saya shared a comprehanding look. While they had agreed to take over Alice's custody a long time ago, while they were still fighting, they had agreed to that if the fight ever stopped. Now it was over, and now they had to take responsability for their decision. 

They had been forced to grow up to fight, but in this stuation, they felt like teenagers once again.

"Now" said Saya, walking towards her "you raise your head and scream out loud."


"Because you're alive" she completed, smiling. Kohta smiled too, and held the older girl's hand as she continued. "You're alive, and I think you're smart enough to know that's worth celebrating."

Alice ended up smiling too as she turned around, while a stunning, far more shining sun than usual rose up in the morning sky behind her. Then, she took a great breath of air and yelled out:


Title: Practice
Author: dawnangel14
Fandom: Highschool Of The Dead
Characters: Saeko
Pairings: None. 
Words: 235
Rating: K
Summary: When the sun went up, she was already greeting it.
Warnings: Pre-series.
Note: Written forfanfic_bakeoff prompt "Rise".

Every morning, the sun would rise up in the sky and meet the world. By that time, when it rose up to warm the earth, she was up already to greet it. She couldn't oversleep, after all, it was one of her duties.

The heir of the Busujima family would rise up each dawn and train before breakfast. It wasn't a need, and her family never requested her to do such a thing; it was her personal decision. She had decided it because she needed to get better, to be the best, to bring honor to her family name.

By the time her body started to feel the warmth, Saeko was already slashing imaginary enemies with her sword, stabbing invisible opponents here and there, with the elegance of an ancient japanese princess and the strenght of the most fearsome swordsman ever known to man.

She didn't train for strenght though, she trained because it caused her joy. Saeko enjoyed training, enjoyed being part of the honorable Busujima family, and certainly enjoyed swinging her sword and beating opponents. She was a swordswoman, she was bound to become that, and one day she would be. She would be a powerful warrior, a person who would protect men and woman... someday...

Saeko sheathed her practice sword. Practice time was over, according to the height of the sun. It was time to go to school.

For the last time.