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July 2012



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Title: Alone
Author: dawnangel14
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Characters: Regina
Pairings: (past) Regina/Daniel
Words: 281
Rating: K
Summary: Even in another world, she woke up alone.
Warnings: Spoilers for 1x18 "Stable Boy".
Note: Written forfanfic_bakeoff prompt "Rise".

It was always the same.

Every morning, it didn't matter if she was in her original world or in this new, non-magical one; the feeling remained. That feelings of loneliness, the sad realization that there wasn't a body next to her, just a golden ring that did nothing but fill her with nostalgia and regret, fueling up her already intense hate.

Despite the obvious result, when she woke up, Regina Mills extended her hand to touch Daniel's figure next to her, but all she caught was air, slipping through her fingers, just like his life did. He died in her hands, yet she refused to release his corpse, and that ring was a reminder that she still held him, that he was still alive in her memory.

When she rose up and prepared herself -washing, cleaning, perfect make-up, perfect outfit- before leaving the room, the feeling was gone, as if magically taken by time. Replaced, actually, with hate and anger. She felt so impotent by then, but that was not the case anymore. She was powerful, much more powerful that anyone could ever imagine, even in this alternative world.

She may not be the Evil Queen anymore, but she was still Regina. She was strong enough to crush her enemies like the insects they were, and found an extrordinary amount of joy in tearing lovers apart. Snow White and James, Rumpelstilskin and Belle, even Emma and Graham in this world... that way they would understand, they would suffer the pain she was suffering.

Maybe they'll see how horrible loneliness is, the very same loneliness that made her cry a shy, single tear when she stared at her ring for too long.