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July 2012



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So yeah.. surfing the net, I found a site that allowed me to make a list out of random stuff and it would choose an option at random. Since I had nothing better to do at the moment, I made an activity out of it: crossover pairings with Supernatural.

You heard right; I listed some of the SPN characters and got a character at random o pair them up. Belive me, some weird stuff came up, but all in all I found some interesting matches. So, I decided to post it here to have it somewhere in case someday I decide to write something... and for your viewing pleasure. Oh, the possibilities...

The fandoms I matched with SPN were: Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, Bones, Harry Potter, Heroes, Pretty Little Liars, Glee and How I Met Your Mother. 

Adam Milligan x Hermione Granger
Adam Milligan x Rachel Berry
Balthazar x Claire Bennet
Balthazar x Elle Bishop
Balthazar x Robin Scherbatsky
Barney Stinson x Bela Talbot
Ben Braeden x Molly Walker
Ben Braeden x Sophia Peletier
Carl Grimes x Claire Novak
Castiel x Temperance Brennan
Castiel x Lily Aldrin
Cedric Diggory x Anna Milton
Cedric Diggory x Meg
Crowley x Alison DiLaurentis
Crowley x Andrea
Crowley x Quinn Fabray
Daryl Dixon x Bela Talbot
Dean Winchester x Alison DiLaurentis
Dean Winchester x Emma Swan
Dean Winchester x Hermione Granger
Dean Winchester x Jenna Marshall
Dean Winchester x Quinn Fabray
Dean Winchester x Regina Mills
Emily Fields x Jessica Moore
Emily Fields x Ruby
Gabriel x Carol Peletier
Gabriel x Emma Swan
Henry Mills x Claire Novak
Henry Mills x Molly Walker
Lucifer x Hermione Granger
Lucifer x Quinn Fabray
Micah Sanders x Emma Winchester
Neville Longbottom x Jo Harvelle
Sam Winchester x Aria Montgomery
Sam Winchester x Elle Bishop
Sam Winchester x Maya Herrera
Seeley Booth x Bela Talbot
Seeley Booth x Ruby
Severus Snape x Ellen Harvelle
Shane Walsh x Mary Winchester
Sirius Black x Anna Milton
Sirius Black x Bela Talbot