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July 2012



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ZoNa timeskip

Early shopping

Title: Early shopping
Author: dawnangel14
Fandom: One Piece
Characters: Zoro, Nami
Pairings: Can be taken as Zoro/Nami, if you want it to be there... (I want it, so I'm tagging it :D)
Words: 282
Prompt: Rise
Rating: T
Summary: Nami wakes up Zoro to go shopping... against his will.
Warnings: Zoro has a bad mouth early in the morning. Nami adds a couple of insults as well.

"Rise and shine, Zoro!"

Zoro produced a muffled sound of complain and buried his head deeper in his pillow.

Nami sighed. 'Ok, I tried the nice approach already...'

"ZORO GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED AND READY TO GO NOW!" yelled the navigator. Next to his ear. With a megaphone.

Startled and momentarily deaf, the swordsman fell off his hammock and met the floor with his face. It took him about a minute or so to be able to rise up on his feet and face the smirking witch.

"Look at the time, witch! It's fuckin' seven am!"

"All I see is pay o' clock" she snickered. "And since you don't have the money, you'll have to do a little something for me."

"Fuck you!"

"How very poetic" commented Nami. "Now, can we get going? The shops open in a while, and those big muscled arms of yours should be come in handy for carrying all of my purchases!"

"Could I at least... get changed?" he pointed at his shirtless chest.

"Oh... no, you can't" she decided. "You might get me discounts with some saleswoman thanks to your body!"

"I'm not your slave!" protested Zoro.

"For now" pointed out Nami. "Keep owing me money and we'll discuss more... unconventional" she winked at him "payment methods."

"One day I'm seriously going to kill you!"

"That's so sweet, I love you too!" she stuck her tongue playfully at him and exited the room. "Alright, you've got five minutes, and don't fall asleep again!"

It didn't take him more than five seconds to fall asleep again.

Six minutes later, he was walking the town's streets with the navigator's palm tattooed on his right cheek.


Oh my, poor Zoro. I just love the way Nami teases him ^^ Very nice.
Poor Zoro indeed. Nami seems to enjoy it way more than she should XP Glad you think so, thank you very much :)

She does, but to be honest if I were her I probably enjoy it too! XD

No problem, I really enjoyed it. I wanted to know if you had written something longer and noticed you started a multi chaptered Zonami story. I'm checking it out right now. ^^
True, can't argue with that XP

Well, I mostly write short pieces now but I'm working on that story on my free time (which seems to become shorter with every passing day). Good, I guess I'll see you there :D